Date Posted: 31/08/2014

After some investigation I found a simple reason why Apple Time Machine couldn’t find the newly created (and re-created) volume.

If you map other shared folders with another username then you will soon notice you can no longer see the volume, simply add the username that has already mapped drives with Read Access and you will see the Time Machine Volume!


Date Posted: 10/07/2013

Adding multiple IPs to a NIC can be pretty laborious, the easy way of doing this is to use the NETSH command.


Date Posted: 24/01/2013

Update: I am no longer with ServInt;

So I have been with Servint for a while now and have always had good support and up-time,  the network seems stable and never really had any problems with the service. Today I decided I am moving our server to Servint‘s EU datacentre over the next couple of days. (more…)

Date Posted: 20/01/2013

So your looking to upgrade or deploy your own Storage Area Network but not sure which route to take with the technology? The current choices on the market is between the enterprise proven grade Fibre Channel 8Gb versus the new contender 10GbE iSCSI.

This whitepaper written by Third I/O will show you some real world speed comparisons between the two, the trade offs between each other and CPU Utilization, did I mention it will also show you the Power Consumption?

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